New Channel 8

New Channel 8

Access control is the process for controlling the your entry into and outside of the area. This video will explain all elements involved in the door access process.

The door that you’re trying open, the components are almost all the same. This includes the controller, card reader and keypad along with doors, door contacts, motion sensors, magnetic locks, door strike and door contact.

When they have access through a unique password keys and cards reader will allow them access to the door. Door contacts show when the door is closed or is open. Without requiring credentials, the motion sensor is able to unlock the door.

The heart of the system is control of access. This controls the operation along with access to the front door. It is constantly managing this system, including the timetable to keep the doors open for a predetermined duration. In order to ensure that only the correct person is allowed to enter through the doorway, the system can also scan cards. pw8b1dqs5j.

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