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The Advantages of Daycare and Preschool Programs for Children and Their Brain Development

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Appearing in France around 1850, child care facilities known as the Societe des Crèches (Society of Nativity) were first recognized by the French government in 1869. In the United States, early child care and daycare programs originated with the welfare and reform movements of the 19th century, beginning with the first established daycare program in 1854, known as the New York Day Nursery. During the World War Two era, the U.S. Federal Government sponsored day care for about 400,000 pre k curriculum children. Today, enrolling children into pre k curriculum and other daycare programs alike are extremely common among American families


Payday Loans Can Fix Your Short Term Financial Problems!

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Pay day loans, or installment loans as they are also called, are short term loans for a low dollar amount. Most pay day loans can be applied for at online loans websites. The reason that these unsecured loans are referred to as pay day loans is that the term of the loan typically lasts for the remaining time period before the next pay check of the borrower. However, if you cannot repay your payday loans at that time, you can roll them over until your next paycheck.

Lenders who offer consumers pay day loans usually have flexible repayment rates. The initial cash loans last for one pay period. However, not everyone who takes out pay day loans pays them back entirely as of their next pay check. As a borrower, you can decide whether to pay back the


Canine Corral in West Salem OR


Canine Corral

335 S Oak Grove Rd

West Salem, OR 97351


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Canine Corral is a dog day care offering training, boarding, and day camp. It’s always our business to make sure your dog’s visit is enjoyable, safe and worry-free.

Whether you need care for your dog during the day or for an overnight stay, Canine Corral is ready to help. We also offer training for owners with their dogs either as group classes or private lessons; and we offer a program where we do the training.